New experiences and work load
Mariana Cordoba
Guys, I am snowed under. I really have no time to make proper posts, as after my Madrid experience I have got many new offers for photo sessions and other projects. I have got an offer to try myself as a regular model for some websites so you will get even more of me and my pics and videos. However posing on camera is not as easy and simple as you may think. It is a hard and exhaustive process. Have you ever thought of the pose you take during fucking? Of course not, when you have your sexual intercourse you just enjoy your partner and do not care about how natural you will look. When I am posing I take into consideration the light, the look, the feeling I will give to all of you with this or that photo. I think you will understand me if a temporarily will stop posting in this blog and will just share some links with you to keep you hot with my fresh and hot uploads.
Unfortunately you will be disabled to comment on the photos however those of you who have my private contacts will be able to send me messages and e-mails.
Guys, I really hope for your understanding. Later on I will tell you more about porn modeling and models lives. But now I am really exhausted. I do not want to feed you with some useless stuff and really hope the time you have spent in my blog was really great and exciting for you.
Do not unlike or delete your registration of this blog as sooner or later I will be back for your enjoy and delight!
Follow the next post to get useful links to my new photo galleries!
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Vacations and photo sessions
Mariana Cordoba
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Hi, guys, it is high time to share with you some of my adventures and recent photo sessions! It was really great as I was in Madrid… The city is absolutely fantastic. I could not resist a desire to wander and rake pics of everything around. It seems that every piece of architecture bares the spirit of the culture. I tried to capture myself on many pics as I was travelling alone and rarely there was somebody to make a good panoramic photo of me and the city scape.
However, the mission of my visit to Madrid was slightly different. I was invited to join some tranny community meeting in Madrid this year to for enriching and sharing of the experience, making new friends and enjoying some sex. I managed to get all of this. I met new people, and I have some sexual adventures. I first tried bdsm session (I will present you the photo report a bit later) and hardcore gang bang.
The community though consists not only of trnassexuals but of people who are open to sex experiments. I met a cute married couple who just wanted a tranny partner to enliven their fucking routine. I felt really warm towards them and when they offered me to join them some day in their hotel room I agreed. Our first sex experience was just fucking and caressing, there was nothing special. They invited me to visit them Holland (where they are from) and try new experiences with them (you know the hotel room is not that place where you can relax totally and indulge in fucking hardness and severity).
Follow me and you will see many new updates of my photos soon. You will surely like my bdsm and hardcore session and threesome sex as well. It was nothing special, but tender and something wild, that I really enjoyed it. Will I visit these guys again? Of course! This was a hot experience of meeting people as I am from all over the world! When I get in such communities and meet such people the feeling appears that I am not alone. There is a great tranny community and these people will always understand me. The guys from Holland are also great. I will do my best to visit them this year once again.
Now enjoy my recent pics from the voyage and tell me please what other new scenes would you most like to see in my blog?

Beer adventures
Mariana Cordoba
I love beer and I can do nothing with this habit. I know that beer harms my mind and body, however I can do nothing. I drive extremely mad when sensing this smell and taste of cool bitter beverage. Besides the drink makes me really relaxed and careless about what the hell is happening around, so I can really recharge and forget about everything on earth.
I know the beer is harmful not just in the way it adds some pounds on my hips and waist. When being a bit beer drunk I can do things which I would never do in my life. This time it was absolutely disastrous as I met with one of my last acquaintances for a lunch. It was the heat of the day. We set in a café, made an order and chatted about life, business, recent photo sessions and life in general (you know a kind of chat on everything and nothing together). He asked some direct questions and with each next swallow of the beer I gave him even more explicit answers. When the last question appeared to be on the experiences I had never had before I told the guy that I had never had dirty sex in the wc just in a public place. He smiled and ordered some more beer. He disappeared for a few seconds and when he was back I was already at the middle of the next glass of beer. He took my hand and we followed to some place. My mind was racing due to the beer in my belly, I was completely unaware of what was happening.
In a moment I found myself pressed to the wall facing it! My dress was up from my butt and my pants were completely torn. He worshipped my tight ass munching the hole and fucking it with his tongue. I did not felt his fingers inside, just his tongue. In a moment he inserted his hard fat cock (as I could understand from the rectum stretching sensations) in my ass and pushed it deeper. I dropped a moan and relaxed my ass to make the penetration smoother and easier! The guy was excited, he never tried tranny fuck and this time was amazing. He fucked me hard and wild, the dirt of the WC just added some fucking spice and I felt as orgasmic feelings are overwhelming me! It was an amazing experience! After the last frictions my fucker did not manage to get the cock out of my rectum and creamed the ass hole with his spicy jizz!
We turned back to our table, paid for a lunch and left. I have not seen this guy from the moment we said good bye to each other at the café. I think he feels embarrassed now as many confuse tranny sex with gay one. Many guys are hard to perceive the fact that a tranny body is half male, half female… However it was a great experience, unfortunately I could not take some pics of the fuck as I was not able at all. But here is one of the pics as I was totally exhausted with that anal introduction and completing the experience with the next beer bottle!
And what is your opinion on occasional sex in public places?

Blog improvements. Are these necessary?
Mariana Cordoba
Hello, guys, I need your help! I have been thinking of my blog improvements and found out that many tranny bloggers are splitting their posts. Some bloggers part their blogs into semantic areas, for example photo sessions, routine, video uploads, private life, parties and so on!
I decide to add the next topics to my blog which can thereafter separate in different blogs. So, these could be parties, travelling (as I adore traveling around the world seeking for new sex adventures), private life, photo sessions, private life scenes and pics.
Your help lies in adding more sub parts of the blog, please give me your ideas of what you will be interested in (for example, my thoughts and philosophy, sex dreams and desires, my sex toys collection, my dieting or else). This is easy to do, however is it worth doing? I might confess that each post takes much time and pains as I create line after line keeping my thoughts and then I understand that all the written stuff will not be interesting to y followers.
I suppose that you, guys, will be most interested I my sex adventures, sex toys collections and sex dreams. You know I have much experienced in my life and there are lots of experiences I am going to try. I would eagerly discuss with you some new experiences or share with you my ideas and fantasies and this may happen that you have already tried them! It would be great …. Or would not?
Please tell me what kind of stuff would you like to see more on the blog, should I add more pics or video scenes? Hope to hear from you soon!
Sincerely yours,

My daily routine
Mariana Cordoba
Oh, guys, thank you for staying with me and feel interested in my private life and give likes to my photos and scenes added to my posts on this blog. And today I am ready to share some daily routine with you as I constantly get messages from my followers who think that tranny life is simple and careless, that the daily routine of tranny girl is full of sexual adventures and fucking experiences, however my life is far from this imaginary world!
My day always starts with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. It is true that my life is rich in different evens, however you know the specific character of my occupation and I need to be in a good shape, so I usually spend a half of the day in a gym. Gym activity pursues two main goals which are making my body fit and tight and meeting new people and making new acquaintances. Sometimes working my body hard I turn so exhausted and tired that I do not want anything else but to crash on my bed and fall asleep. But a portion of contrast shower does well and brings me back to life surely. During my exercising I try hard in order not to reload the muscles as they easily respond (thanks to hormone therapy) and my body can turn manlike.
My life is full of routine business which does not consider any sex activity. I go shopping, clean my house, meet with friends, read books (yeah, guys, I adore reading), I like cooking and adore inviting my friends to try my food inventions. Actually, I can spend the whole day chatting with you, guys, in social networks or watching TV (I feel passionate about what is happening in the world). But there are days when I am totally engaged in shooting new photos and scenes to treat you with some exciting fucking moments!
This happens that I have not much free time to spend with my friends and you know I sometimes feel extremely lonely though my social network accounts are followed by thousands of my fans, I get up to two hundreds messages daily, but I have nobody to speak to and confide in. it would be great to have a tranny girl, to share the same house with her as a roommate at the college or university (you know what I mean) and turn closer to her. But after that tranny transformation I turned extremely careful with letting people in my life and there are considerable reasons for that matter.
I put the hottest make up on, choose the hottest outfit and smile to cameras and people surrounding me, but I feel immensely lonely when I come back home, when the show is over and nobody is waiting for me at home. Honestly I think of buying a pet But not that small accessory dog but a real friend. You know I am much concerned about stray dog so I may take a pet from a dog house but I am not sure!

Once on the beach
Mariana Cordoba
You know I am careless towards what people say or think about me and my way of being. I just a human being, I am a person with my own preferences and dislikes, feelings and emotions. And no one can direct my behavior and way of life. I know that my cock is eye catching as it is really big and it is rather hard to hide under a dress or a skirt and especially under the tight bikini pants. However that does not stop or prevent me from luxuriating in the sun on the beach, bathing in the warm sea and getting perfect tanning of my skin.
Last weekend was absolutely hot and demanding some beach pastime as staying somewhere indoors was totally impossible. I went to the nearest beach as I did not mean to make a trip to the far set beaches though these are more picturesque and secluded being a perfect place for absolutely nude tanning.
Came to the beach, took of the clothes and made me comfortable on the hot sand. I felt that my cock attracted amazed looks and glances but I did not care, though I felt uncomfortable. For that reason I turned on my belly and showed them my tight butts in bright tight bikini. The air was stuff and hot and I craved for cold water. I went to the sea and again caught hundreds of glances on my cock…or on my tits as I used to topless sunbathing. Though my tits are filled with breast implants I feel confident about them as I know well how a real tit should look and feel and mine are the same! They are just marvelous!
My bikini is made of such a cloth which turns almost transparent when getting wet. I could do nothing to rescue the situation as my bikini turned totally look-through and my cock was explicitly seen through them. I was making my way to my place to expose then my body to sun beams when suddenly I felt a hit at my tight butt. Some guys were playing beach volleyball and lost control of the ball. The moment of awkwardness was terrible but they had to say something as I held the ball. One of them came to me and asked whether I had a desire to join them… I agreed and offered him to join me after the beach in a cafe for a dinner. The rest of the day I spent in the romantic haze!
I could not reckon upon spicy continuation of the evening and night but my new acquaintance asked me about sex and y attitudes towards fucking. The guy was persistent and I told him that I would not give him my ass however I would eagerly fuck his tight ass hole! Actually it was his first tranny sex experience and I tried to be careful as not to hurt him as I liked this guy and probably I would feel like trying his ass again in a while.
You may think that I am careless as having sex with strangers. However I did not tell you that is was a bareback sex… yes, I love sex and I have devoted my life to fucking turning it into real art as you can see from my pictures!

My leisure and ice cream!
Mariana Cordoba
What can be greater than a portion of ice cream? I adore this treat and eat it each time I have a chance. Besides the vanilla ice cream is a resident of my fridge. As I do not care about my weight and curves (I know that I am hell sexy and hot!) I can take liberties and eat as much ice cream as I want. However ice cream passion is not that simple in my life. I adore applying it to my sex adventures and fucking intercourses as ice cream is something like a fashionable and widely applied aphrodisiac, it is something like fetish and acts as a perfect exciter!
I use ice cream as for satisfaction of my rampant appetite and of course for my solo fucking delights. I love teasing my cock. I love masturbating and sometimes use ice cream as lubrication. I put a bit of the treat on the head of my cock and indulge in fucking thrill. The feel of cold cream melting on the hot flesh of the cock is unspeakable. The flows of the melted cream on my cock are resembling hot sperm after hardcore fuck! When the ice cream smoothers my cock sufficiently enough then I get down to masturbation itself…. Wanna know how do I masturbate? Oh, that is the most delicious and exciting show you have surely ever watched. Even my camera man who has been working with me for the last 10 years gets excited and erected when I masturbate on camera! Usually I am not enough just cock touching and hand fussing, I need the anal stimulation along. So I usually make myself comfortable either on my back or on my knees so both my hard big cock (oh, yeah, this is a real gift of nature! Though I have never seen my dad naked, but I think I inherited my cock from him!) and my tight ass hole are easily accessible with hands! I try to relax and tune myself to best fucking. It goes naturally and I do not pay attention or control my moves and actions, my hands are able to give me the best satisfaction and even when I am fucking with my partner I can not get the ultimate satisfaction without manual stimulation of my cock and rectum!
What I have not tried yet and have not realized that fucking dream is the ice cream fuck. Can you imagine a portion of frozen ice cream in the glass and me pushing my cock in this mess of ice cream and mashed fruits…The hot flesh of my cock will melt the ice cream turning it in the fucking cocktail mixed with fruits… Do not you want such a cocktail shaker tool in your kitchen?:)
This is one of the photos of me where I am enjoying a portion of ice cream. That time I was a bit tired after studio shooting and needed a bit of relaxation and recharge, though it was in a cafe and I could not play with my cock under my tight dress but it would be a nice experience as well! How do you think?

This is me
Mariana Cordoba
Hello, there! I am Mariana. Why to start another blog of a tranny lady as there are lots of such websites constantly added with new photos and posts containing explicit shots of horny babes taking big cocks in their ass holes or fucking their sissy guys. This blog will be another one, completely different of those you have ever found in the blogosphere.
In this blog I will share with you my emotions and my rueful feelings, my thoughts and dreams and of course you will get a closer insight into my private life. I would say you will get an insight into my soul and heart. The next blog of a tranny babe in the blogosphere will show that we are the ordinary people as most of you, guys, are! We live and love, hate and despair, enjoy and go sad as you do. However the nature gave us something more than you all have got. We can enjoy sex both as men and women.
I was a naughty boy all of my life and never thought of being a girl. I loved all that stuff that boys did, I mean football and fighting, but something in my soul was absolutely different. Before sexual maturation I did not think of boys and girls like sexual objects, but when I was 14 I understood that sex meant for me something more than for other guys who just tried masturbation or some kind of sex.
I loved bold fucking deprived of all that foreplay and courtesy. I needed a tight hole to insert my cock into and thus to get my satisfaction. That was all. That was the reason why I was still single (not dating to anybody) when I was 16. This was not a problem as I had regular sex with different sluts from my school and then college as I was still a cute boy.
I was interested in science and my parents put high hopes on me and my future career. However even at that time I knew this for sure I was not meant for science, career or family life. My imagination of the world and my future changed drastically when I first had my photo session. I was asked to unbutton my tight jeans and I felt something excited and erected in my cock. The sex appeal was towards a guy shooting me… since that time my life has changed and I am changed. From a cute sexy boy I turned into a sexy lady. I devoted my life to sex as it is the only deal in life giving me the purest delight and arousing the hottest passion!
This blog will be about my sexual adventures. I spend all of the time in photo studios or film studios shooting hot pictures and sex scenes. This blog will feature my best photos, some spicy hot movies and of course stories in which I will share with you some of my brightest emotions and experiences! Stay with me and you will be hot and inspired!


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